July 12, 2011

Mountain of Penanggungan

A revered 9-peaked mountain S.E, of Mojokerto that is shaped like a natural miniature replica of the mythical Mount Meru of India. In 1935, eighty-one monuments and ruined sanctuaries were discovered under dense jungle grass and rainforests covering G. Penaggungan’s slopes: hermitages in caves, altars, old water system, steps, terrace, temple, gateways, reliefs of matching elephants, and Panji scenes carved into big rocks. These ruins, most dating from the 15th Century, encompass many different and peculiar East Javanese styels. Most are found on the western slopes from 750 m to 1500 m altitude. This sacred mountain wash to the ancient Javanese what Besakih (The ‘Mother Temple’ of Bali) is to the present day Balinese. Getting there: Heading north from Malang, take the high-way just before Gempol going to the direction of Mojokerto. Pass the Pabrik Korek Api Kejapanan on your left and 2 km further is Watukosek. Take the 2nd left after the BRIMOB camp and climb up the mountain about 7 km until you come to a clearing. Here you’ll find a guide who will lead you up to the Belahan and Jolotundo temple sites.

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