Pasar Seni Lukis Indonesia (PSLI) 2018

'Art is long,  life is short'

This extraordinary event is held October 12-21 2018 at the Jatim Expo Surabaya.

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Mitoni Rite

Javanese people have a tradition to celebrate seven months of pregnancy. Procot, iwel-iwel,  rujak buah,  bubur merah, tumpeng and nasi golong. Habits that have been preserved for a long time. To realize human harmony with nature. 

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Live in The Village

Live in the village
rice fields stretched
green rice
natural harmony

Malang 2018

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Surabaya Car Free Day

Routine events every Sunday morning in the city of Surabaya. public space that provides sports, play and culinary facilities.

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Art Ecosystem, Biennale Jatim 2015

This event made and funded by biennale jatim 6 as part of the activities supporters of biennale jatim 6. 
Dialogue between artist (1 painter and 2 cartoonist)...

This workshop to educate publicly about writing the fine arts in the context of as a strategy terms of culture; motivate college students to adaptive to the development of writing the fine arts; give purpose about writing in the development of the fine arts both national and international scale . name is roIKAN...

...grafity activist...

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