June 10, 2011

Afghanistan Women's Headscarf

Many muslim woman view the veil as a mens to protect their modesty and privacy. Just as we would not force any women to be seen in public in her underwear if she did not feel comfortable doing so, why should a woman be forced to show her hair if she does not want to? Modesty is a personal judgment call: some are comfortable in the smallest bikini while prefer a lot more clothing. No one but the woman herself should make that decision.

Muslim women are not only ones to feel coerced over their mode of dress. Most people are affected by the societal norms surrounding them. Fashion trends could be seen in exactly the same light as religious traditions.

The rigth to freedom of religion is enshrined in the UN charter and considered by many to be a basic human right. Some religions require special diet, other prayer at specific times. Why should a religious mode of dress receive as much protection as these other aspects of religious of religious freedom?

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