July 08, 2011


Rengganis Top at Argopuro Mount

Including the mountain Argopuro hyang eastern mountain range that crosses the northern region of Probolinggo East Java until Banyuwangi. mountain Argopuro etymologically derived from the word meaning mountain and metered Puro which means a place of worship. Argopuro derived from the Javanese language. Ancient Javanese remains strong in the community around the foot of the mountain even though the religion of Islam has spread widely in eastern Java. Cult on the mountain is a form of homage to ancestors and nature conservation efforts through the religious system. Supposedly, the top is where funeral Argopuro Rengganis queen. One of the famous king in the old java.
True Sobriety   
People who perform the ritual at the mountain top, willing to walk with sufficient supplies. When he got on top they make offerings of money and ketupat. Diamond  rice (Ketupat) is rice wrapped in coconut leaves and has a shape in such a way. Diamond rice is a symbol of prosperity. Welfare can not be obtained from ourselves, but from respect for the universe.
Money for God

Diamond Rice (Katupat)

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