September 19, 2011

Madura Island (East Java)


  Madura is one area of ​​the islands included in the area of ​​East Java, Madura is geologically part of northern Java, if we connect with the Madurese as a continuation of the limestone mountains which lies to the north and the south of the Valley Solo (Jonge, 1989: 5).
Agriculture developed in Madura is dry with limited land, thus affecting the results obtained. Madura hang of rice from outside the area. Outside the agricultural sector of the Madurese to his trade, husbandry and fishery as well as a producer of salt in the dry season (Subaharianto, 2004: 45)
Madura Island is surrounded by several small islands which amounted to 67 islands, mostly located in areas Sumenep. Madura is divided into several districts of Bangkalan, Sampang, Pamekasan and Sumenep. Since the year 1858 Pamekasan is the capital of the island of Madura and become a more developed region compared with other districts in Madura (Jonge, 1989: 11).
 (Kerapan Sapi Races)

 (Madura's Traditional Ship)

 (Kraton Building at Sumenep)

(Camplong Beach)

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