September 12, 2011

Surabaya Zoo (Kebun Binatang Surabaya)

Only an hour's walk from the Bamboo Denn (Monumen Bambu runcing) one of most complete zoos in Southeast Asia, Specializing in exotic birds and nocturnal animals. Go early to watch them feed the animals. On sundays, sit and feast your eyes on the women in their dazzling native dress. Eat Gado-gado under trees of swinging monkeys. There are 500 species of animals including mongolian bears. See the aviary (with its great collection of pheasants) and cassowaries (world's largest fligtless bird). The nocturama houses slow lorries, marvelous flying squirrels and flying cats. The Dolphinarium features the freshwater Mahakam River Dolphins from Borneo. The hoofed and ruminant enclosures for the rare chinese wapiti, the babirusa and the anoa (dwarf buffalo). There are 18 komodo dragons devouring raw meat in the sand bed enclosure. In the Reptilium see King Cobras. The canopy dwellers exhibit, with its proboscis monkeys, black-crested macques from Sulawesi and pig-tailed monkeys, is one of the best. The Sea acquarium is also a must.

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