January 19, 2012

Tanah Merah Traditional Market (Bangkalan Madura East Java)

Tanah Merah Traditional Market Activities

Tanah Merah is located east of the town of Bangkalan, if we pass a bridge (Suramadu), then for our turn to Tanah Merah towards the right of the t-junction (suramadu). Access road to the area of paved roads with poor conditions. Various holes and patches often encountered during road past the road to Tanah Merah..
Tanah Merah is located in a strategic area and was in the Middle as the border between the hills and the coast. Tanah Merah is a district which is part of the Bangkalan Regency (Kabupaten Bangkalan). Tanah Merah has a share capital of the structural elements include: Office of the district, the police sector, and Army office (Koramil).
Traditional markets have an important position in the economy of the community especially Tanah Merah. A variety of needs being met by the existing market. Tanah Merah's traditional market in  bangkalan-sumenep road. It is a walk in the street make this market splitting cause gridlock when the morning until noon. Tanah Merah is identical to the congestion. Traditional markets into central place red soil for food community needs and Tanah Merah and surrounding areas. The existence of traditional land market has significant value because it is red in addition to trade as well as the breakdown between the citizens of means of the village.

Tanah Merah traditional market  has two buildings. One on either the right side of the road and one side street on the left. The market Court on the left is used for places selling, somewhat indented into the front of the parking of vehicles. Buildings in the market either on the right side or left side of the building for Palm-Palm of merchants who will roll out on it. Whereas, in the Court  there are traders who roll out wares on the street with sitting around waiting for buyers. Traders who are out to sell the goods to the amount of less than traders who are in the market.
Traditional with modern vehicle
Commodities are sold at Tanah Merah traditional markets include need a staple rice, cooking oil, fish, mutton and beef, seasoning items (galangal, turmeric, nutmeg, pepper, garlic, shallots, ginger), different kinds of soy sauce in the Pack and tomato sauce and chili sauce etc. In addition to the traditional market staples in Tanah Merah also found selling food and drinks so the wholesale. The right hand side of the street market is dominated by people who sell snacks in containers with large numbers. The average buyer of food vendors who are in the villages.
Seller King of Fruit (Madura's Durian) only 10.000 Rupiah per piece

Based on observations of the author in the field, in villages outside the area of Tanah Merah district, seen from simple stalls complete with bamboo rods amben. These stalls sell food and drinks. Peanut & lips dominate the food at these stalls, besides peanut & lips on the come across various soft drinks and various snacks in the plastic packaging bearing the cartoon characters who are loved children on television such as Upin Ipin and Bernard Beard. A variety of snack food packaging last purchased on Tanah Merah.
On the West side market encountered took credit for sales of mobile phones, banks, motor repair shop, motor repair saddle and food stalls. A variety of food available in the market's traditional red soils include chicken satay, beef satay, sate goat Satay made from coconut fat chicken or beef finished with grated coconut. Duck rice (Nasi Bebek) is the mainstay and a menu typical of the region of Madura. Duck rice at Madura different from those we encounter in Surabaya. Duck rice has a slightly spicy Madura saltier than rice a duck elsewhere. One of the uniqueness typical duck rice is Nasi Bebek Songkem. This rice can we encounter in Sampang on Madura town before towards the coast camplong. Duck rice is rice with duck camplong using one duck tail intact, so the price is more expensive when compared to conventional duck rice. The price for rice perporsi duck songkem ranges from 65 thousand to five thousand rupiah.
In addition to the duck and satay rice in traditional market vendors Tanah Merah are five who sells chicken, dumplings, noodles, meatballs, fruit ice ice oyen and coffee shops. West side market there is a night bus agencies Pahala Kencana and the East of the market there is a bus agency Handoyo. Agents in the area around the bus market is not just sell tickets, but serve departures passengers with major in Madura- Jakarta.  If the bus had come from the direction of Sumenep, on prospective passengers with luggage to spend time sitting in the waiting room and relax in front of the Office of the agent while interaction with other families or prospective passengers.

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