September 30, 2011

Argopuro Mount, August 28-31 2006

First day, August 28 2011
Gubeng Train Station, Surabaya

on the way to Besuki By Akas NNR Bus
From the city of Surabaya to take the bus to Banyuwangi down on the square Besuki. From Besuki (the square) to use public transport to the village Baderan, with a distance of about 22 km.
Mount Argopuro has many peaks, some of its top has old geological structures and some of the other younger. Argopuro peak at an altitude of 3088 m above sea level. Mountain, located between two giant mountains namely Mt. Semeru and Mt. Roar can be seen from the mountain top or from the top of Mt roared. semeru. Mountain is no longer active crater is located in the District. Probolinggo, East Java. To go to the village baderan can use local transport (from Besuki) that led to this village. In the village inn baderan also provide a means which is relatively inexpensive when compared with prices in major cities.
Argopuro ascent to the summit is not as busy as other mountains in eastern Java, climbers must report to the Police Sector Resources Malang located about 1 km from Baderan, or at the office which is right Perhutani (Indonesian Forest Department) fork in the road Baderan Village. Climbers who will climb into the mountains are advised to fully understand the techniques and terrain to be traversed because of safety responsibilities in case of disaster in this mountain is to be owned by the climber himself so indispensable preparation and teamwork.

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