April 29, 2011

Theatre Puska FISIP Airlangga University Surabaya

Since I used to love the world of theatre. I am getting to know the theatre or art roles when adolescence. When the College I kept studying the role of the arts. One of the theater that I follow on campus is PUSKA  Theater Community  (Puisi Kamar). This community is based on the poetry and poetry in the routine performs the show garden (Puisi Taman) which is held once a month. Staging is also often performed well in the city until it was out of town. For me the theater is a process steeped in character yourself and others, if we've found the color yourself it will be easier to find the orientation in their stride.
Loud Shout 

I'm in action 

Simple Ligthing

Under Table

Black and White Character

Deep Internalized

Joke on Stage

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