February 14, 2012

Exsistence of Ludruk (East Java Traditional Drama Folk)

Ludruk artistry in Surabaya, East Java. At this time, as a result of cultural decline ludruk outside. Ludruk still can we encounter in the area of Surabaya, Mojokerto and Jombang. Ludruk is dramatics traditionally accompanied by gamelan instrument. Ludruk take setting the story of everyday life and legends of the people. Ludruk acceptable to all parties either never attended school or never attended school because it has the language straightforward. The main character from East Java who became ludruk legend is Cak Durasim.

In the past the majority of Ludruk played by male players that can become two sides. Male players can also play into women's player. Now this existence in Surabaya ludruk consists of two communities namely ludruk at RRI (Radio Republik Indonesia) and Karya Budaya in THR (Taman Hiburan Rakyat) Surabaya. Regeneration was done a long time ago, that sublime culture cultural heritage still preserved. One way to regenerate is cross-generational and festival Ludruk for students. Ludruk have a function as education and the formation of character for a player or an audience.
Cross Generation of Ludruk 

The conditions for the less favored ludruk now by the community of East Java. Ludruk born first was born in the coastal region (Surabaya, Jombang, Mojokerto) in the community under which many displays of humor. Ludruk more like comedy shown in certain times for the lower classes. That's what led to the story in a more general story ludruk.
Ari Setiawan Performance
Transformation on the serving of modification done with the story, and Director. Ludruk which until now is still in demand in East Java is Karya Budaya in Mojokerto.  A performing arts is determined by the side of the sociocultural aspect that still exist. Ludruk to this day still persists despite the conditions of concern because it is temporary.
With Gamelan Players
 Ludruk can still exist if packaged with more modern vital essence ludruk is not lost. Therefore ludruk in show on TV, radio and the internet (You Tube). In the past, ludruk displayed on the hotel as a welcome to its guests. Ludruk often used the campaign for party politics and propaganda. Now ludruk conditions derailed need to modify in order to keep the story alive. The way that is done is the role of Government and the management of packaging. 

Picture Source: Ari Setiawan's Documentation

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