October 16, 2011

Ascent to The Summit Argopuro (August 10-16, 2008)

Mount Argopuro for some quarters regarded as a mountain climber who silit but not easily forgotten. Rough terrain, steep terrain, the forest is still virgin and routes are many reasons for some people to think twice Argopuro ride. But it all paid off by the beautiful scenery, exotic savanna, forest edelweiss, watercress and friendliness of the locals. Two years ago exactly 27 to 31 August 2008 along with Duo Donny, Gundul and Cimenk. I ride Argopuro for the first time. As time goes by the desire to hiking blossomed again mainly because I bought a new set of equipment up the mountain sendir sweat: Carrier Bags South Merapi (South Beach) 80 liters + Close, Sandal mountains, Eiger North Face Sleeping Bags + small pillows, mattresses Eiger all The new department has on hand.My original plan to go to Semeru, but because there is news that the mountain was closed, then was forced to slam generate Argopuro. After delayed for a week because my friends no one has been completed with the affairs of the campus eventually there was an agreement to depart on August 10 and August 11, Danang ama Arif followed.

First Day (August 10, 2008) - Kosan Roykan "Day Day" -
Departure from the hostel at 12:50 o'clock noon, and I walked to the station Gubeng Mboys warming, we thought initially miss the train because the schedule given by friends as passengers leave at 13 : 03 so that in the event of an accelerated warming let alone step foot into Roykan still widening. Roykan once stepped to me like a speed of 1.5, so my training is really like Nature Lover Organitation. Do not feel we have a quick trip to the station Gubeng at 13:10. After waiting some time, the counter opened 10 minutes before departure, had bought two tickets commuter Roykan number Rp4000, -. Promptly at 13:55 am commuting the train arrived and are ready to take us to the terminal Bungurasih.

Arriving at the bus station directly Bungurasih we seek majors Situbondo, it turns out we've become victims of irresponsible brokers. We took the bus NNR 2 people Rp26.000 usual fare, - I think it is really cheap to Besuki because the terminal is said that the bus will drop in Besuki, but when we pay the ticket will be placed in the terminal Probolinggo, we cheated. Arrive at the terminal at 17:30 Probolinggo we moved the bus to continue the journey to Besuki with Rp16.000 price for 2orang. That night around 19:40 hours, the bus down in front of police headquarters Besuki, after seeking permission from the duty officer, I take a shower, buying food while mboyz around Besuki square.

when buying food around Besuki square, Donny remembered childhood that often play into the square. As I recall childhood nostalgia, I surround the square while looking for a suitable dinner. After providing a wide selection of food, I finally fixed the fried rice. Immediately, I ordered 3 packs because I remember there was one father who slept in the mosque when we arrived at the police station Besuki. After purchasing nasgor pink, I rushed to buy our groceries ie lack of sugar, flashlight batteries, and film for Roykan pocket camera. Arriving at the mosque we eat directly nasgor police and iced tea, but the package handed over to the father who dtidur in the mosque so we're back to nasgor 2 it. After a full and play with our new friends who are wild cats, we are getting sleepy and rest of the journey is still long.


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