October 18, 2011

Ascent to The Summit Argopuro (August 10-16, 2008) part 2

Day II (August 11, 2008) - Police Besuki - 07.00 am directly from the police after spending Besuki vegetables in the market, we were getting ready to leave the village Baderan.

The day coincides with a special day (pasaran), the day on which the activity takes place Besuki Market Goat sale of animals, cattle and tobacco.While waiting for transportation to Baderan at a red light many fun things for the observations, including trucks carrying tanks and cow horse, becak with heavy loads and primary school children who were practicing longmarch for Indonesia Independent Day. When the little boy wanted to shoot Mboys red uniforms and white women say "Lek, Foto Lek !!" When he was the leader of the line, while her friends just smiled.

After waiting about 45 minutes under traffic light, finally came on transport (angkutan pedesaan) and Oops! I almost lost W230 Motorola to accidentally fall from the pocket and  upside down on the dusty grass. If only in the second one I have not looked back then the phone would have been taken. I sat and Mboys in car manned by three young people with music Dangdut Koplo of a sound system under the dash.

Do not have time to walk away, the car stopped at an animal market Besuki east. Economic activity occurs at the time, brokers, owners of cattle, tobacco sellers to sellers VCD Pendalungan Ludruk Art. While waiting for transportation to go hunting again rushed Mboys captivating moment that is not found in Surabaya. One interesting thing is the way people Besuki transporting livestock. Cows are large placed parallel to form a bath Colt or truck, while a small cow  in place at the bottom of a big ass cow. So we can be sure if there is a large cow urine  then it will be a little cow dung fall first place.

There is a new way and exclusive know if cows that not going to the market, usually the person who brought cattle there are two front and rear. If the cow is led from the front remained stubborn in the back of the guide which had the task of biting cattle cows would be brought to the market. In the end had to pass another vehicle in a fleet which already contains more passengers, you waited too long for about 1 jam.mobil to Baderan Rp13.000 charge for 2 people.

Other activities that do not qualify for observation is the tobacco trade. Besuki people who grow tobacco, animal markets around the area there are lines Besuki buyers who are ready to buy tobacco who have been in the process of cutting and drying. According to a car with my father, usually middlemen buy tobacco from farmers who have been processed with a price range between Rp20.000 - 30.000/kg. For the remainder of middlemen, tobacco will be transported to a temporary shelter and taken to the cigarette factory. Based on the observation that time, an intermediary to have subordinates who became an intermediary to influence farmers to be willing to sell tobacco to him. After the deal price and buying and selling process is complete which is characterized by mutual handshake, then the farmer will give you tips for intermediaries, amounting to Rp 50,000;.
Rural transportation aquamarine Baderan throttle through the streets towards the top and bottom. A scene that is hard to forget, when passing in an area full of hills tobacco fields. The passengers in rural transportation that I met both young and old all languages madura. There are grandmothers and their grandchildren, middle-aged mother who spent oil, school children, teachers, elementary school until farmers who hold rice dry plant on top of the car body. Based on observation, the highlights of the social relations in public transportation is a problem of confidence (trust), a hallmark of a strong rural communities. This is reflected in the attitude of the driver who left a toddler in school , other than that of children in red and white roses transport seems to be maintained by other passengers. A harmony among fellow transit users that are not found in Surabaya.
Pain in the car we were riding is danger of acid poisoning, there is a gas leak at the bottom of the body. Finally, each time step on the gas the car, burning the rest of the exhaust fumes into the car. In addition, we sit right under the car body hole, acid gas mixed into the dust so fast I hold my nose while mboys covering his nose with a hat. If only the car was passing away may be all passengers especially those in the back would die because the shortness of the influence of CO gas. The road is not flat and perforated to make a rocking car, cash, I immediately secured four eggs and a pile of vegetables mustard chicken that I bought in the market Besuki.

The final stop in front of the elementary Baderan arrived at 11:03, after packing the trunk. Towards me and Mboys Perhutani first became a paradise for hikers. At home, we met with Mr. Suyono, one of the staff who are also friends Mr. Perhutani Dadang, Perhutani employees who met two years ago. We talked about the route that has been in the plot with stakes to mark the new rates (HM 1 - HM 150), and news on the Cisentor fire. The father of two children who live in Baderan Perhutani office with his wife, two daughters while living in Malang. In this post we provide a license fee for climbing permits, according to Mr. Yono according to ability and thank God he gave relief climbers because he thought we were still students so we're paying for 2 people Rp15.000.

While Roykan filling water into the five liter jerry cans, two large bottles of mineral water and bottled water specifically, mboys take some time and finally we were getting ready to go. There are two significant input from the pack when Suyono, namely that the emergence Baderan First take water directly to water levees around fields. Secondly, if carrying eggs, there is a new way of packaging that is inserted in a plastic perbutir, then dumped in rice. The goal is broken and the rice will not contaminate other eggs. This is different to the old ways that directly incorporate and hoard rice old eggs are then put into boxes nasting. But the shortcomings of this method is that the broken eggs will contaminate rice and other opportunities to break the eggs into a large. Because water has been filled, so I went directly to the load in the bag heavier than the previous load. I want to try a weight-bearing endurance
 The journey began in 12:50, after parting with Mr. Suyono, fields which are still in this area, we passed through the village with streets, sometimes before, flat, and resurrect. Many crossings are encountered along the way, if you confuse this never will ask the local residents. The problem of the majority language of Madura Baderan. Having arrived at the embankment of irrigation, I'm a little rest and continue the journey. I was going by those few people, Mr. Farmer, who was in the shower and clean yourself. Near the step I diiingatin same one Mr. Farmer if the road I go through it properly. If you want to peak Argopuro must turn right up the Hill to cross the River through the narrow streets.

 Walking the narrow path with ramp that makes endless endurance, as in previous tests. If there is a passing farmer, we automatically have to withdraw, because the road is only suitable for one person. then starts pouring, he crushed the body. Maybe a period of adaptation to new environments and activities. When we were past our irrigation channels play a natural freshwater and clear. The atmosphere was pleasant to look down, look at the great river flows through the rocks, an unforgettable spectacle.
One of the obstacles that must be addressed if it rises through Baderan this fork at Argopuro tobacco fields in the area. Already counted four times we frantically looking for the route paths, all wrong, not to mention roaming language barriers with the locals. Then the alternative is to use the language I use Tarzan, the question of population using signals and reaffirms the words Argopuro!.
The journey continues, Mboys see Roykan have to sweat a lot. This is the beginning of the climb in the afternoon with extreme incline. At the end of the road Roykan invited to rest and take a tan, it looks like the trip will last a long time like this. Until we reach the hills around the road with the road below the plant Tobasco Underneath is a mini dike. We took a break at the time, preparing personnel for the road unfolds before the eyes can be very tiring. A few moments later on the way, seems a grandfather who brought a large wooden mallet. At first sight such weapons is one of the Marvel superhero Thor. I invited him to pass first, but we want to be a grandfather who passed the first. Before passing the old man said something to us, although it does not understand the language, but if it means not essential to Argopuro if there is a house right in front after the turn of the right path. So roughly meaning.
Quitting before the end of the Hill I saw right seems wooden house or more might be called the hovel. In addition to these home grown papaya and jackfruit trees. Sementera on the other hand, there is a typical plot of mountain tobacco Besuki. Suddenly, the weather began to change, the sky was bright has become quite dark foggy. Then light rain began to fall, our position in the immediate vicinity of the House. We decided to escape for a moment, and at the end of the House is free treatment, which reminded me of Mr. Joe Kalidami.
 A ripe papaya slices that have been in a bit with sickle seems to tempt faith. I immediately took a penknife and peeled with Mboys. Increasingly heavy rain and fog getting thicker as time increases the afternoon, so we decided that if the rain does not stop at 15.30 we ngecamp, and it happened, the rain was not allowed until 16:00 so we decided to set up a tent.
Colleman petromaks beach tent we make the right stamp on the wooden porch shelters early and eat papaya. So the shelter currently has double protection with two cover of one parachute and a roof terrace thatched wooden huts alias that will not be afraid to get wet.After the store of foot, the rain was not, we decided to cook with a stove of foreigners with butane gas fuel tube. After trying to boil the water turns into a stove that could not function properly, the valve is located next to the puerta de hierro flops escape from the gas cylinder, resulting in a fire exit.With a great willingness to Mboys try to resolve the incident, the fire quickly and tighten the bolts on the gas valve with a wrench. But this method does not last long, the fire remains. On that day we only prepare quick-cooking noodles mixed with mustard vegetables and hot drinks and coffee, as a booster for the rest of the stomach.
Nightfall, to have prepared Roykan included in her new sleeping bag. He left his first start I still make a place in the tent. Deliberate on the night in the hut I do not use a sleeping bag because I do not think it is too cold, I just use a jacket, pants and socks. Under the darkness of the night was a great cottage is also not miss to the atmosphere when taking photos. After taking a photo, camera equipment and batteries I put in a sleeping bag to keep warm between his legs to keep your battery power while on the mountain and avoid the dew on the camera from the cold. And we fell asleep a few moments later ...

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