October 20, 2011

Ascent to The Summit Argopuro (August 10-16, 2008) part 3

Day III (August 12, 2008) –Tobaco Fields-
In the morning we tried to get him to cook the rice cooker was a problem though. Before cooking, cleaning tents uncomfortable at first, because people leave in the field. We boiled sausages and vegetables for mixing with pecel spices.  
 After breakfast and cleaning we are ready to continue the climb at 7:50. Not forgetting our past and praying on the sidelines of preparatory trip suddenly there was a little boy who will go to the fields. At first glance seems Bolang (adventurous Boy) by uniformed and footwear SD fields typical of shoes as an Office which is more than non-slip bottom alias ridges.

Passes in front of our children to say excuse me. I want to give him a packet of chocolate confused over who is in my small bag. After I dug a couple of times I still have not found even though I have entered it before going
That morning I wrote a piece of paper a brief message to the second group (Danang and Arif) morning it was still in Besuki. The contents of the message is that I and Mboys will wait for them at base camp (Mata Air I). The paper then I tuck the outer wall wooden houses, hoping to be easily seen by the people who passed.
The journey continues, this time we passed fields in an area still dominated by tobacco fields, with a rather mild slope slippery with the rain yesterday. Travel in this area is rather difficult because of the consequences, because the field lines created by the residents. Until at last we passed an old house that still comes up in memory of two years ago I had a break to relax in the area around the house. The journey continues, cliff scenery on the right path is very charming, dense forests with streams and natural water channel that flows from the field to deceive us that tend to be more and more in front of the eye. 
Finally arrived at the first slope of the terrain that make people sorry for having come to Argopuro. It is only a few steps that he was going to explode. There is not a former motorcycle tracks of tires in the street that happened to me, was an engine of Crystal of Suzuki who is looking for a rudder grass. My memory on that area, makes two years that was eating crackers in banana trees are in the right direction and the tree was still there. But it has disappeared is the House located near the banana tree is not there, that once released candy for which in care children accompanying their parents of farmland in the area.
Slope after slope we passed seems increasingly unstable person, but is a consequence of the growth of the mountain. Improving the most amusing, if slightly annoying, is a hill located on the border between fields to forest area. At first glance like a parking lot in a shopping mall, a spiral form. After entering the forest road we got a lot of bonuses are flat or road but not too steep incline. In order to eliminate saturated conversation we talked about Pak Tani and nostalgia both in college.

The next field is an endless road, with wide streets and ran away as if we were challenged openly. Do not feel we reached the area where an increase in two years ago, I was depressed because one team runs out of water.
After resting, eating biscuits, drinking and urination, we continued with the belief that armed with my spring is near.

Until finally I see there is a road that ran straight to the big tree trunk on the right side there is a yellow sign. No doubt it is the Mata Air I. We arrived at 13:30 and immediately set up a tent.

That's good to get to base camp before night, we immediately set up a tent and look forward to Danang and Arif come. After the tent so I am looking for firewood and trash can in the fuel to the fire.A few moments later, from the tree beside the tent to hear the sound. It turns out that the two monkeys hanging again and so we approached them straight away. This time Mboys obligation to take the water in the river, before leaving I told him to take a knife and a flashlight to anticipate the tigers who are looking for a drink.

 I continue to make the activity of water channels around the tent to anticipate if a sudden downpour. When trying to take the wood under the base camp saw three monkeys perch with a little panic. I see the tree under the shelter monkey was in a state of exhaustion felled by humans who are not responsible.Perhaps the monkey scared by our presence, they thought the perpetrator illegal logging. To spend time in a tent with a phone to play because there are still listening to radio signals.

It was getting dark, while Danang and Arif is yet to come. Until at last came a shout from someone calling my name below. I ran down spontaneously, Danang and Arif come with all the suffering caused by the heavy field
danang and Arief at 17:30 spring posts. I helped them set up our tent and get ready to cook for dinner. We cooked rice, vegetable soup, instant noodles, sardines. Drinks are available tea, coffee, ginger, guava marimas, NutriSari warm.

After eating we gathered at the fire pit for discussion, while testing a new method of furnace fuel by using pieces of old tires, it's powerful too quickly over high heat can create coal in dry wood.
Despite the smoke and odor generated during combustion is quite stifling eyes and chest. The night grew darker, the fire that we made the fire so much smaller one from there to remind us to get to sleep because tomorrow morning. Before entering the tent, the goods are outside the tent must be done let me not to invite other guests. Finally, the cooking liquor bottles and equipment we put in front of the tent just for the base coat and covered with a coat as well.

Once in the tent all, I'm with Roykan and Arief with Danang. Before bed, Roykan can say good night to my friends who are tired .. with a sentence that somewhat spoiled and a little tenderness so soon we were all laughing .. Night not long after all asleep, I woke up and saw the clock at 2:15 is still difficult to compromise my eyes to sleep, I finally just closed my eyes on the sleeping bag.I thought that I felt something strange sounds outside the store... It does not seem to surround our tent with a strong sound of feet marching. My feelings have grown uncomfortable with what is happening outside, but I do not dare to open the store, I was Roykan are sleeping leg drops in bagnya.This is a disorder in the early ascent of the mountain ghost.




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