October 23, 2011

Ascent to The Summit Argopuro (August 10-16, 2008) part 4

Day IV (August 13, 2008) – Basecamp of Pos Mata Air I
At about 05:00 I already up and immediately proceed to prepare for the trip. At that time, the children (Danang and Arif) awake, we were all out of the tent to enjoy the view from the cliff side that is very exotic.
Large expanse of trees in the hills and cliffs with water that resembles a mini waterfall into the eyes of experience difficult to forget. We signed an agreement to continue the journey to Cikasur at 08.00 precisely.

Opportunity for me to take water under kusia not waste with all the small bathroom, wash my face and put the 'mines' under a large rock not far from the spring.
Mountain sandals that I bought in Mount Agung Delta from the salary  after two months back  toughness in this area. Up and down over the water with a slippery field is still a comfortable revitalization on foot. This is different from two years ago, who only wear Sandals forceps str stands or falls one step two phases.

Do not forget we have missed the entire luggage, including logistics. All equipment to live in the forest and food rations issued from the tent. A raincoat is made at the base as the representative of all kinds of logistics equipment and electronics that we take the time.After cooking for breakfast ready to be served, along with a variety of drinks, we had breakfast together. One of the hot drinks I'd like most is the warm ginger, herbal drinks are healthy and can stimulate appetite.If you are a big appetite, the desire to eat large logistics automated jumbo can also rapidly diminishing. This is of course lighten the load of bags and all sorts of heavy cans.At that time I took the water from under the five-liter jerry cans empty contents and several bottles of mineral water. The five liter jerry can full of water into my main priority to put in shopping bags. Do not let the long journey to Cikasur run out of water in the middle of the road.

Travel to Cikasur though delayed for several minutes but did not dampen our spirit to conquer the hill that stretches all the way. After praying together, at 8:50 we started walking together toward Cikasur.
Never-ending climb to make rice in the stomach going to throw up. Operating expenses increased heavy bag upon departure, making breathing more heavily. Five liters of water plus two large bottles full, logistics cans and tents rice and gathered together in my bag. But all the negative thoughts should be eliminated, we will be optimistic for Cikasur before dark. Arif seteah walk in front of Danang, while I and Mboys are behind them.  If there is a tiger that will eat us then, of course the main target of most Arif priority. Another reason of the large body full of meat, its position is also at the forefront. Areas with dense forest and an unlimited ride makes this journey so oppressive.We stopped to take breath and power of the frequency of collection. But luckily at that time, the remaining rain a few days ago is still an impression, so the streets are usually full of dust to wet but not too slippery. One of the things that can not be forgotten because when on the road I tried to adjust the breath after a few climbs.
On the left of the road there are people who logged wood stacked lengthwise, I menghapiri timber with intent to possess it, all of a sudden Krosak!.Load on the back that makes twice my weight, I lost balance and fell backwards into the bushes. Fortunately, it was just a bush that had pinned their bags and my body, trying to bluff or ravine that would endanger. Mboys  capture exciting moments with the camera, at first glance I like the cockroaches that inverted or like a turtle shell that tries to turn upward.

Occasionally we passed a field full of bonuses, aka the horizontal winding road. After the forest, the road turns into a romantic path with white flowers on both sides of the road, romantic but steep.

Natural scenery in the hills either side of the road we passed seemed to be a drug prevention fatigue during this route.

A large tree on the left of the road, in the form of sofa is still in place. Two years ago, I saw, but then missed it. There is a chance I sat on a tree while refilling water. It was like sitting on the couch while not soft, sitting one on one with Danang, as newlyweds.

The journey continues, we passed hill after hill, the road's most irritating is the way down the heart of hearts, steep like a bonus, but if you look far ahead the road was shaped like a bowl.Happy tails with a sense of irritation. Along the way, there is a road, branches, two variants of it through official channels and through informal channels. I decided to take the informal route path. It turned out that although in a more abbreviated, but more difficult terrain.Do not feel we entered the forest again and this time it is more solid than ever. On the way I saw a group of black monkeys swinging in the right way a large tree, the monkeys were moved from tree to tree. Arif tried to retrieve his camera, but it is difficult to immortalized monkey, when the camera was on hand to take pictures of them, they disappear, but when the camera does not have them hanging.
Travel time was largely dominated by a land full of bonuses and romantic. After all, if Edelweiss has become a shared commitment to not take it, enough to just see and enjoy the scent of the flowers alone. The stomach is hungry again and I decided to take a break in the way that I can remember in biskuat two years ago never to eat under the tree.Operator unloading my bag and take nasting which still contains residual rice this morning. I deliberately set out allotments in the street. Just a side dish with shrimp flavor Tic-Tac pilus milled rice in nasting out.

Meanwhile, a nebulous weather that makes the temperature cools down, the children quickly make small bonfire, burning debris in the area. With this site, if you look at the rocks in the lower-right corner of the site appears hilly Savannah, Savannah (Alun-alun kecil), is around the corner.

Accompanied by rain from the mist we continued to walk turning occasionally remind each other that are not exposed to direct contact with  Rengas growing along the road. One of the attractions and the things that make Mount Argopuro different from other mountains are thorny plants that can happen to climbers when in contact with skin or Rengas (Ri Jancukan-Surabaya Language-ed)  is the specter of crossing the road during the bush. After passing the road we finally reached alun-alun kecil.

Alun-alun kecil  of the first savannah that would meet, if climbers Argopuro Baderan pass, there will be plenty extensive savannahs with species that are rare in other mountains. The next field in the form of a Savannah monitor up and down. In this way you can already see the Edelweiss. Fog continued to cling to follow our path. After passing through several climbs, we entered the forest again with lots of pine vegetation. Don't feel that we were on the subsequent dismissal Jambangan..

Jambangan is name of the region that lies between alun-alun kecil and Cikasur. The form of a flat area with a dense undergrowth on both sides is surrounded by pine forests. In this area can also be used to create a site of the store. field is the path we have travelled around a flat hill.
Weather does not support, a thick fog to condense and result in even light rain. Visibility is not too far away to make a chance to see the sights ravine on the right path is not so accomplished. A flat line also makes us feel saturated.

However, saturation by the flat line after we lost to a bend where there is high Edelweis and dense. Unfortunately the forest fires in some areas it is supposed to make the forest beautiful edelweiss, become arid. Vast expanse of savanna stretching awaits us at the front, while the photographs we keep going step by step through the savanna areas with cliffs full of left and right sides of the field that stretches edelweiss. At first glance similar to the natural scenery wallpaper in windows just reinstall, only here the tawny-colored with a sky full of fog.

A solid line and declining trees we passed, there is a wooden bridge, a bridge similar to the existing timber bridge on the route of Mount Semeru. After this bridge we passed fields of increasing and decreasing road by dense bush. At the end of the street under a leafy bush, even I have to stoop to pass through.

Then we re-entered the savanna region, while my left foot can not compromise. Knee pain if you have to pass through the area is declining and flat, but if past the incline legs did not ache. Although the sting of all the pain that I get rid of because I am not sure Cikasur far. In the savannas of the bridge after our short break and took Arif to take pictures in the grass that grows red circle in the middle of the savanna. There was also red-yellow color.

The journey continues, I'm sure Cikasur is imminent. Two hills stretched in front and flat savanna and winding road. Up around the bend to the left and there stood two large trees that lined. This tree is different from other trees, a glimpse from afar like a tamarind tree that grows in between the pine trees. Two trees as a gateway to Cikasur, and below the visible signs of fire and loss of stem wood. Finally we arrived at Cikasur at 16.00 after seeing an old building made of walls, while the left stood a log cabin in the middle of savanna and rivers full of water lettuce.

Arif and Danang to walk in front of log cabin Cikasur, while me and Mboys followed him from behind. My feet hurt so far in the back of Arif and Danang, a little pain relief after berfotoria in the streets near the river decreased Watercress. Knee pain I tried to stand, in order to continue to hold the road with a bridge across the river from the tree trunk and the road climbs quite tiring. Finally arriving at the log cabin, then we agreed to set up tents among the ruins of the former cannery building that supposedly venison and Japan in the war room command of the Pacific.

After setting up camp, I walked alone through the rubble, after a search I assume that in the past this building as a space-sectional and the possibility tebuat of wood on the walls and roof. A fallen tree becomes the ultimate limit of such debris, fallen trees I have been up and running on it. Then my view leads to the very edge of the debris, it seems the rest of the floor tiles or debris in the grass. After the fall, I saw that floor, and take a piece of the red brick floor. Judging from the shape, texture and color of the floor looks like the floor of the existing high school complex in Malaysia is located in the old building near the square.

I went back again to prepare dinner in order to sleep soundly at base camp. Cuisine menu this time is the vegetable noodle soup and vegetables. For the choice of coffee drink consisting of ginger, hot tea, warm and energen NutriSari. When our meal arrived prayers continue to eat in the hall because there are many options in Cikasur space, but when tasting homemade soup .. Oops! salty at all. It turns out I mostly put salt and Masako. The result is lost time best-selling cook instant noodles mixed with mustard. The remaining pickle soup and then we dispose of on-site as well as mustard and remaining noodles in nasting. Weather gets colder and fog sometimes passed along the dark. When it happens to be a full moon. According to estimates by Arif while staying in the park lake life will surely beautiful full moon because it happened to coincide with the 15th.

The next meeting, to express and coffee, accompanied by cold nights and cold winds. I made a bonfire and Da Nang, the use of scrap wood we found near a log hut. I went in search of debris, which can be burned from room to room. But when he got into the room next to the tree step I stop thought here so bad, so I went to a place where children with garbage pickup. Moonlight accompany moments of fiery pits and my hand constantly weeding half tree can dry to burn kerosene, tires replacement should be maintained.

Until I pulled out the grass that was behind me, was accidentally turned to face the next room is the dining room of former .. all of a sudden?!! I thought I saw something strange and spontaneous I was surprised to rewind the head as quickly as possible. My friends were surprised, too, and I was told to calm down, we ngintip of the wall turned out we had two guests this evening which is a bone of contention remaining sauerkraut soup homemade skunk this afternoon. At first I thought this animal tiger or a fox.

The presence of skunks made us add material that will be discussed. Not only the skunk who accompanied us, also a lot of mice around the tent fatherly about observing food we had brought. Mice who took a chance when we were upset because the vent session to get into the tent Arief, fortunately only slept in the follow-ga. We call it by name siti rat aka "sitikus". Skunk is a kind of rodent that if depression can remove bad odor. I've never seen that before I saw animals in cartoons, especially in the Open Season and skunks in the magic that cat in the movie Over the Hedge.Looks like a cute little animals are not disturbed by the actions nan who shined the flashlight we even took a picture. Casually he ate the remnants of a former pickle and mustard noodle soup this afternoon. Once content to play with new friends, we continue the fiery pit as he spent the rest of warm drinks, while occasionally playing with a skunk. The fog that continues past the moon sometimes appears Cikasur make sometimes not, though still feel the atmosphere of a full moon. Until when suddenly the sky was clear with no fog hindered at all, we all admire the beauty of the sky was crying Almighty's creation.
Thin clouds around the moon shaped like pieces of cotton lining. A sprinkling of stars in the sky made us more amazed, I immediately look for the constellation of Scorpio is to ensure the direction of the wind, because it becomes something that is not negotiable if the head of Scorpio always face and towards the west. I ordered the children if the journey is still long and advocacy to rest directly on the tent, just want to test your nerve Cikasur who can play at night. We then clean all appliances, stoves and other cooking equipment I close with a raincoat and stuff as much as possible incorporated into the tent. We then held a joint event to urinate beside the tent, hoping that tonight there is no intention to dispose of water outside the tent.
A night at Cikasur when feeling tense, we decided to how to get sleep. At that time, I took two head coverings, short ears and long for a bit I promote to close my eyes could not see anything. In this way proved effective enough to make me fall asleep though a few hours. At midnight I woke up and felt something was passing close to my tent, a black figure pass through the wall of the tent, until it rests directly on the back, it feels soft but creepy. Cash I shift my body slightly to the middle to about the body Mboys. Then I went to sleep again, no matter the outside sounds. Every now and then I asked Mboys hours at night in the hope that rapid changes in the morning.

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