October 09, 2011

Great Artists of East Java

Gombloh is a great artist through his music, he made a phenomenal song about the struggle of the people of Surabaya in the fight against colonialism. "Gebyar-gebyar" song became one of the pride of Indonesia.

Masmundari is the artist from Gresik who painted Damar Kurung, she dedicates his life to always proceed in a painting. with the ink strokes of watercolor as an honest mirror of life. 

 Cak Durasim is ludruk character in the traditional arts of eastern Java. Since the Japanese colonial era, he is present in every stage and die as a warrior people's voice through art.

 Liem Keng is a modest figure in the arts but rich with the work and solid ink scratches and expressive. sketch work has been recognized internationally.

 M. Tholib Prasojo is a multi talented artist from Sidoarjo who is able to innovate by creating Wayang Suket high as a simple and thoughtful work.

 Karimun has high morale and dedication in the art Topeng Malangan became one of the typical art of the East Java.

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