October 10, 2011

Mboys Expedition to The Top Mahameru June, 28 - July, 4, 2008 (D-day)

 Ranu Pane (2,100 masl) is the last village and here the basecamp and the office. The climbers can get permission here for climbing. There are two beautiful lakes, in the up side is called Ranu Pane and the other one nearby called Ranu Regulo. In the evening, it is very cold to stay here. Its population is about 600, surviving their lives from vegetable agriculture. 

From Ranu Pane we start to walk through the vegetables fields, and hike into the forest a long the flat path. Some plants grow very low, high carrier/backpack is not comfortable. We walk 13 Km and spend about 4 hours to Ranu Kumbolo lake.

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