November 07, 2011

Ascent to The Summit Argopuro (August 10-16, 2008) part 5

Day V (August 14, 2008) - Cikasur Basecamp
In the morning, the three of us, except Arif who was still asleep, the streets around Cikasur to enjoy the morning air and the sun will soon be published.

We walked up to the large tree that grows in the middle of the savanna, there was a previous bonfire. I think that anyone who dare to install a tent and spend the night under a tree. We continue walking towards the area that was once Japanese airfield during the war of the Pacific.In the middle of the road we saw a pair of jeans torn at the buttocks and thighs. Perhaps this former climber eaten tiger pants. Having satisfied the streets on the savanna we returned to the tent by the road through the grass. Two years ago, I and Mboys never get lost in this area, wanted to continue the journey to Cisentor, but to the middle of the airfield.

The next event on the river to clean themselves, the three of us trying to feel the pleasure of clear cold water flow. Not to forget I took a few pieces of lettuce in the water to be used as a mixture of noodles and sandwiches. 

Only Mboys that falls to the bottom of the river with a depth as high as dry bones. If more than it might sink Mboys can drift into Danau Taman Hidup or into the sea by accident he could not swim. After taking the water we went back and changed Arif who drops down to clean. Dining menu for breakfast this morning a few cans of sardines mixed with rice. Marimas Guava drink, Nutrisari Anget, Coffee, Tea and Energen. Also do not forget warm ginger.

After breakfast skunk back again in the next room when we hang some clothes and other supplies because of dew. Little Skunk again and he could accept our presence, while Mboys tries to make bread, it turns out that he is very obedient, too. That is why we have decided the Skunk was like a son. We also saw an Eagle that pass in the air and the male Peacock jump during singing Evergreen branches in Savannah.

At first glance sounds like a peacock indian tribes at war while the long feathers on the part serves as a counterweight when jumping in the air. It's an experience not easily forgotten if you see wild animals with their own eyes without having to pay admission like if we see at the zoo.
Breakfast was ready we ate rice with sardines. The morning was somewhat diminished appetite after enjoying a special sandwich made Arif watercress. Watercress Cikasur in flops between the bread, then mixed with a little cheese and margarine. Unusual expensive food we ate in Surabaya. After we packed up ready to go to continue the journey to Cisentor. Before leaving I spent my new socks, old socks as I put the pedestal at the bottom of the shoes.

The journey back begins at 09.00, after praying together in front of our log cabin has a new song, "Bye-bye skunk!" As a sign of respect and greetings to your friends know as well as our children are newly adopted. This time the terrain that we had to pass early in the course of the hill, although it did not climb Mount Semeru, but the slope is enough to make breathing heavily. From the slope we could see the vast desert savanna in Cikasur.

After walking up the hill, we found Sabana again. At that time my bag at a slight angle so it needs to be set again. But the bottom rope intentionally located near the rear of a sudden break up, with great alacrity Mboys while replacing it with a piece of rope tires used as first aid. The journey was continued again until we reach the pine forests with high bushes and dense.

Bags I'm setting again, but this time I stressed above, the bag was so heavy over the shoulder and scapula bone buffering. This path is a path that sometimes uphill and down with high bushes and plants are often found high Edelweis with up to 5 meters. After we entered the savanna bush paths again with a slightly uphill terrain. Once we entered the woods again savanna and hills.
The line was better known as Brimob pathway, because through this area as a military education with many fallen trees. So we have to go through a lot of natural speed bumps and sometimes had to crawl to walk on the sidelines of the stem.

After we entered the forest path savanna Brimob much more dominated by the hill. In the middle of the road we could see the dirt of former savanna. Including tiger droppings may be carnivorous, because it looks like cat litter but more dominated by the fur. Feathers are left torn also we meet. Weather is getting hot with savanna areas make water consumption more than the previous trip. Only Mboys not seen much drink, because he practiced science camel.After we passed the narrow road savanna with sufficient gap in the left side of the road, sometimes we find Rengas grow here. The trip seems to good to have experience growing strawberries on the right side of the road. A ripe strawberry fruit with a red color is good enough to eat, because the mixture intake of vitamin C. sweet and sour
Narrow lane with left is like an endless abyss, after arriving at the beautiful cliffs on the right path I'm sure that soon we will arrive at Cikasur. The journey became more tense after we passed the road under the cliff landscape. Yawning chasm beneath a tree with many fallen trees while many make us more cautious foot. From the above we can see a large family of monkeys in the trees below the cliff, they were hanging from one branch to another that seemed to welcome us.
Horizontal road makes my left leg hurt again and I'd better slow down my street. Until we reached the steep descent, and the faint sound of running water. Cikasur no one else was in sight. Danang and Arif had walked to the front while I and Mboys walking slowly behind them. Arriving in the way of steep derivatives nan I just stunned, because the children ran as fast as lightning to the river so I told Mboys first run. My legs can not compromise more pain when walking on this road.Two years ago, I  fell to the bottom due to the land I did Base suddenly broke out, but fortunately it wasn't until into the ravine on the right path. While walking on this path I have a lot of walking through the buttocks, while holding a feeling of pain, children have reached the bottom of the river and put their bags near a log hut.

Mboys and Danang shouted from below so that I will soon follow, once inside the fallen tree trunk that ran in the street, suddenly Oops! I fell slipped because of the balance began to fail and shoes are powerless to hold my weight. Arriving in Danang river helped me walk down the stacked stone bridge.

After removing the bag, we ended up in a log cabin cangkrukan all mixed vegetables cooked noodles onto the ration for the day. I walk alone to find a suitable hiding place for bush bags for a trip to the summit. The plan after lunch we Argopuro directly to the top to enjoy the sunset and into the top Rengganis morning to enjoy the sunrise.
After eating and cleaning is made towards the top, we walked for a bag to hide in the bushes which I have selected and not far from where I make a tent two years ago. After piling up bags of each and then we make a camouflage in conjuction with dry leaves and twigs after a given layer rainwear.The journey to the summit began, at around 02:00 pm we were off. Until the deadline white pathok Perhutani equipped with HM 155 number that we have a field full of hills. After that we entered the savanna, but smaller with edelweiss which grows on the right side of the road.

Until the bleating of marshes, I offer to my friends who want to fill the water can pick up a small river which is under the square bell. The field visit continues with a mixture of forest and savanna dominated by greenery. 
Who knows how many hills we passed time, each step regardless of the steep united in their determination to immediately menginjakan Argopuro feet above. Field full of climbing makes me feel fresh again, forget the pain away a few hours ago. I took a position in front, and occasional teasing Danang in order not to saturate the trip.Because I, Mboys and Arif had never been to Argopuro. We became coach of the object with one person namely Danang. One junior fixed price must obey and comply with all the senior said. Finally we reached the top of the shadow from the left side of the road junction to the top of Rengganis while the right side toward the top Argopuro Widodaren.Smelling the smell of sulfur typical peak before we arrived in the region. We chose the path to the right, meaning Widodaren above, although the track had been barricaded by rocks and twigs to form a cross we continue.A small hill is dominated by green plants stand in front, first-time experiences to the top of my Argopuro. After entering an area full of pine, it seems in the winding road seen among the pine forests and edelweiss. A blue rope to guide us to follow the path that leads to the shoulder.Climbing infinite debilitating enough when he was in front of my situation, and eventually arrived at the end of the ramp, turn right and then I went and found a letter PUNCAK red paint on a square stone is placed at the tip. The Glory Of The Lord!Finally I arrived at the summit promptly at 16:30 pm, after a five-day trip. I immediately bowed in thanks and appreciation for one of the pleasures of a climb. A special items in the bag, I took out the bread, a can of leccy and four chocolate coins.

A few moments later, followed by Danang Mboys appear and Arif. We all rejoice together with the expression of each, ranging from hysterical.All tired and sweating a lot, struggle through the field until the afternoon to climb scary at Cikasur been paid in this place. Before the party I asked Mboys Leccy forgot to shave a bit the back of my hair.
Not to forget I'm around the top and this is the first up the mountain to the top of many trees. From the east side through the top side of fir Rengganis apparent.

While on the west side of the stone and there is no haircut that was placed in a cigarette tin. Do not forget to cut my haircut gabungin Mboys also become one. In addition, there is a sheet of paper containing a poem, or rather the outpouring of the heart.From the words looked like a man who was obsessed by a woman who deeply loved. The air is cold enough on top, so I immediately pressed my clothes, because he held a flashlight to check you because certainly the way to Cisentor in the dark.
Leccy party arrived, after a cheerful picture taken near the stone steps above, take my leccy cans and provide opportunities for Danang to be among the first to open the lid Leccy. Leccy open so we cheered with joy, like a prisoner of war who were given a good meal on the day of his release.

Immediately spoon and we take one by one in rotation Leccy enjoy the sweet and fresh air even without. It was getting colder and we are collecting wood to make a small bonfire. While waiting for when the sun is getting to the west, we sat by the fire, afternoon sunlight flowing through the sidelines of the evergreen leaves provide stunning views.I took a small stone as a token memento and miss-kangenan. Once satisfied dipuncak we decided to go back to Cisentor after sunset. It was 17.45 pm on mboys see us coming down from above.

Field down the hill to make my feet hurt again, so I walk a little slower clinging to a tree or a rock if encountered steep derivatives. The sky became dark and a flashlight that is ready at hand. After the end of the road, Mboys told me that he has a dejavu, he said never dreamed of ever pass through the area at the same time and atmosphere. Well this time it meant the climb we have been outlined by the Almighty.Accompanied by the light of the moon we walked hand in hand, with a lit flashlight in hand. Not to forget I was carrying my little stick that I found in the middle of the savanna after departing from Cisentor. Edelweis us through the woods by Arif as a guide. Until now, we walked down the narrow streets with hills suddenly sounded like a wolf from the cliff above it. Spontaneous stick grip and somewhat accelerated our footsteps, no matter how sick I was the widening of the foot, hoping to get out of this place is so gripping. In the course of Arif complained that the thighs and legs hurt, so we slow down and sometimes break regulate shoelaces or eating only brown sugar. Clear skies this evening, makes the stars shine bright, different astronomical scene when we see the stars of the house.By the time we stopped in the path of a full bush, by accident I hold one, I mean the heart to hold the goods in the right way I'm holding is a thorny stem strawberries and a chance to grow melingkat on the other rod. Fortunately, not too deep and only a few blisters.When we arrived in the area ahead of the Rawa Embik, bleƻt surprised us. Edelweiss Grove on the right chicken way of working during the flight with total panic. In addition, we have also created panic, chicken. So that night there were four men and one Partridge was panic. At the peak of the coyotes also terdegar voice, my friends call me asu mbaong, spontaneous step of the way down the peak of the craze and heart-how could be left to their own little people lose coverage because of footsteps. While I will bum rapidly accelerate the speed to compete with friends who have excess body posture.
19:40 pm we arrived at Cisentor, after taking a bag of each bunker, we rushed to the log cabin. It appeared in the log cabin had been standing next to two tents, also means we do not own entourage this evening. After greetings we have a conversation with a tent dwellers who are reluctant to come out of hiding.They are precisely the group Mapala UIN Jakarta Jakarta. Depart to Cisentor of Bremi,. We went straight to the task, I was looking for wood, Danang and Arif Mboys set up tents and cooking. That night really messed up the night air, cold and tents must compromise to get up (we set up the tent so that if left in the morning peak Rengganis more effective and efficient) to make all kinds of insults and curses
Dinner is served and we were soon eating because it does not stand the cold bone-cold. After that we slept in a tent like a train of four trapezoidal rural bordir (Gubeng PSK) rickety tin shacks.

Other Picture:

When Arif went bathing in the river he saw two partridges resting, with the readiness he managed to capture the moment is quite interesting for people who like to play around with wild animals.

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