November 10, 2011

Motion Path of Struggle Competition Mojokerto-Surabaya November 14, 2008.

Motion path of struggle (Napak Tilas) Mojokerto - Surabaya is a tradition held to commemorate the heroes. Momentum of the day is a struggle hero of the people of Surabaya and East Java in the war against the allies in 1945. Battle in Surabaya, known as the event occurred 10 November 1945 when the Allies issued an ultimatum to the people of Surabaya surrender their weapons, put your hands above your head and forced to sign a declaration of unconditional surrender.This ultimatum came out after the assassination of Brigadier AWS Mallaby AFNEI squad leader from the 49th British Brigade. The ultimatum was not met by the people of Surabaya, then there is a battle between the people of Surabaya against the allied forces.
Battle from various fields have led to personal limitations to Surabaya, logistics and weapons. Finally, with a sense of brotherhood and nationalism are high, help came from the west than the city of Mojokerto. To honor the service and perjungan past this race is held on a regular basis.
Knows no age

Prepare to Battle

Old man from Probolinggo

Fantastic Four Woman

Labour Team

Health and Fitness Team


Diponegoro Street - Surabaya

Green Peace Team

Crazy and Funny Team
Preparation Photos:
Me, Donny Mboys, Pipit, Tiwi, Tika and Putu

3 hours before start- Brantas River

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  1. how come ?!?
    that's a heroic moment . .
    every one is invited.