November 24, 2011

Semanding Struggle Monumen (Tuban-East Java)

History of the Dutch Army invasion message South kepet bridge. On Wednesday morning, April 20, 1949 year. The Indonesian freedom fighters, consisting of soldiers (Tentara Republik Indonesia) and people posing as employees. Armed with tools for the job (Colok and Parang) that they invaded the Dutch army post south of the district Kepet Semanding bridge which was guarded by five Dutch soldiers and a woman servant.
Results of all Dutch troops attack and one female servants killed. a few days later the head of the village around the bridge was captured and killed dutch. They are the head of the village Kardi P.Puni from Tuna Village and Rasimo from Gesing Village.
From Tuban-Surabaya Street

Semanding Stuggle

less well groomed and untouched, mirror the nation's lack of respect for history

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