December 23, 2011

The exoticism of The Madura Island from my Nokia E51 Phone Camera

One year I went to teach to the island of Madura. I initially considered it mediocre, however after subjected to various kinds of experiences I argue Madura island is an island of the exotic. from the issue of the existence of good-quality uranium, petroleum and natural gas are abundant and exotic batik. Madurese culture has the uniqueness of the harmony with nature and God.
Me with Pamekasan's Flood 

A large island 160 km long by 30 km at its widest across the strait separating it from Surabaya, East Java. Madura is usually included in the statistics of East Java. The Best day to visit Madura is on Sunday, the market day. This island is famous for its bullraces. These colorful, crowded farmer's festivals are held frequently and attact visitors from all over the world. Traditional races are put on between April and Aug. In Bullracing stadiums in villages all over Madura. Races are also held on weekends and public holidays. For schedules, contact Pacto or the tourist Board of Surabaya. There's a new stadium in Bangkalan, 16 km north of the ferry port of kamal, where bullraces are staged at least twice a month, usually coincoiding with the arrival of tourist cruise ships. Sometimes bullfights are also staged in open clearings, but the animals are separated before they can do real damage to each other.
Black Cloud at Lomair (Bangkalan)

Before Hard Rain at Jrengik Street - Sampang

An Accident at Gigir Jungle (Bangkalan) 

3D Camplong Kite at Sampang Beach

Digging soil with Cow

Mosque with Arabian-Euro Architecture 

Tlanakan Beach at Pamekasan

Harmony in The Bamboo Bungalow at Omben (Sampang) 

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  1. I agree. Madura rocks. Too bad what's happening in Sampang, huh