January 29, 2012

Fashion Coordinate Controvertion Indonesian Celebrities

Aming and Julia Peres

On 19 January 2012 a musician who was well liked by teens and music lovers: Kety Perry. Ketty Perry held a concert at the SICC Bogor West Java. Various backgrounds come to see the appearance of the Ketty Perry although must pay dearly. Celebrities are a pretty figure gets spotlight in concert. Two celebrity person who saw the appearance of Indonesia costumes are unique and kontrversial. Aming a comedy with costumes from a straw to drink water and Julia peres with a unique dispenser-style costumes.
Celebrity is a person who likes to find and create a sensation. Behavior and lifestyle celebrity somewhat different from other community members. Celebrities have much access to buy something he wants.

Aming with plastic cloth

Humans have a need for self-actualization. The need to express themselves and connect with your lifestyle. Lifestyle is about creativity and how does a person to be seen more striking and different. Aming is a celebrity as well as students in one school of art. He developed the installation art, an art that could put a lot of media. Even his own body for the sake of personal exhibition of the exploited.

Dispenser Costum by Julia P

Julia peres is one of the celebrities are known for their sex bomb, and Indonesia has always made a lot of sensation. The body shape that does not like women in General he wants Indonesia to develop the benefits to beraktualisasi yourself. Julia Peres used a costume chest section dispenser is a symbol of the body shape that illustrates the State quarter-finals and dispenser is the coat of arms of the option to choose something that we like it's hot or cold.

Impact all of us in our everyday lives every single day, one way or another. Namely our prejudices and conceptions of beauty and attractiveness and the ways in which we act on those and discriminate people based on their looks. Bonnie Berry calls this phenomenon ‘lookism’, which is one of the many ‘isms’ we have to deal with in our world, such as racism, or colorism. The book shows very clearly how the bias towards attractiveness and beauty creates profound social inequalities and determines our access to both social and economic power. It is not news that people who ‘look better’ have better chances to succeed, get jobs, pass oral exams and so forth. In the same way in which beautiful people are positively ‘discriminated’, those not beautiful enough are negatively discriminated.

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