February 06, 2012

Bad Weather by my Nokia E51 camera

With a mobile phone that has a camera, I tried photographing something that struck me as interesting. Including bad weather that hit the region twice this month Indonesia. The rain that accompanied the wind caused a lot of damage.

Weather comprising phenomenon that occurs in the Earth's atmosphere or a planet. The weather usually is an activity of this phenomenon within the next few days. Average weather with a longer period of time known as the climate. This aspect of the weather further researched by expert climatology for signs of climate change. Weather occurs due to different temperature and humidity from one place to another place. This difference can occur due to the angle of the Sun's warming differs from one place to another because of different latitudes of the Earth. The difference between the temperature of the air is high in the tropics and the polar regions can cause jet streams. The Earth's axis than Earth's orbit are tilted towards the Sun all year round weather makes a difference to sub tropical to polar regions. At the Earth's surface temperature normally ranges from 40 c.
Black Cloud

Black Cloud in front of my home stay

Uprooted Trees on The Road (Jrengik Road-Madura Island) 

Uprooted Tree in Airlangga University-Surabaya (After Rain with Storm) 

Flood and My Motorcycle

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