February 09, 2012

Hindu Rituals in The Temples of Jolotundo (Seloliman-Mojokerto-East Java)

Hindu rituals in the temples of jolotundo, usually done on the day or evening. At a certain moment, done at night. Jolotundo Temple is a temple of the hindu period when jaya Jaya. This temple is associated with King Airlangga.The Jolotundo Temple in the old reports are sometimes called Jeluktondo is a sacred bathing place or baths. Bangunanini made entirely from stones, measuring 16,85 m X 13,52 m. aft the swimming attached on the Ridge with the way, such that it is taller than the building. From here it gets water shower-shower flows back into the pool.In the middle of the wall there are two-storey terrace overhanging into the middle of the pond on the left and right were also attached to the rear wall of the pool room. Booths this pool is surrounded by a wall, now lives in part and the packing is not regular anymore. On the terrace there is the central part of the climax of the first stone that serves as the fountain, stone supported by 16 conditioned relief. Already since the old stones sculptures reside partially, partly in the Museum Center.

Fresh water is always flowing
Pray after bath

After bathing, Hindus dress attire whiteness  and is ready to continue the ritual. This time, they sit cross-legged in the Court of the temple, just above fish ponds, and meditation. At first it was chanted to Sang Hyang Widhi Holy song. If Ritual in the night, full moon light is illuminated, this adds to the mystical atmosphere of the procession of Temple Jolotundo.

Take water in Jolotundo, for devout Hindus, obviously not the same as taking water in Prigen, Pacet, Trawas, and other mountainous water source area. Here the process of rituals must be followed carefully. Clothing worn by members of the troupe was a typical Hindu Bali, all white, exactly when the following event performed worship Hindu.

Because the temple Jolotundo is the Queen's baths, then a lot of the hunter blessing that bathing in Jolotundo in modern bathhouse wanted beauty queen as beautiful as in the days of the Majapahit. Visitors who will perform this ritual aimed at  a blessing. Blessings expected by ritualis woman is to add beauty and ageless. Special on night 1 Muharam or 1 Suro right at full moon, Jolotundo crowded with visitors. Most of the activities to perform rituals and some others just enjoy full spray tourism objects in the middle of the jungle forest.

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