April 06, 2012

Bread and Snack Delivery (From Java to Madura Island)

True friend on the journey when leaving or returning to teach to the island of salt (Madura). Delivery group Madura Java crackers (Paguyuban Delivery Roti dan Krupuk Jawa Madura/PDRKJM). Gather some coffee in coffee shop Mrs.Laili (near the t-junction suramadu-bangkalan) at noon (consolidated delivery area) and evening (gathering to return home along via suramadu bridge). After a year of observation, they are not simply an introduction to crackers but the introductory information (social issues until the latest mobile type). They connecting Java-madura (suramadu) bridge apart.

Crossing The Bridge of Suramadu

Aim of The Opportunities of The Market
This is my amatuer video with 2mp Camera's Nokia E51, towards Surabaya crossed Suramadu bridge at night. 


  1. Awesome, great post, you are doing a great job. I hope to start a new blog focused more on cultural anthropology and visual ethnography soon.