June 12, 2012

Fishmonger of Madura Island (with my nokia E51 mobile camera)

Fishing communities of Madura is a hard worker. If the daytime men went looking for fish. In the afternoon until the evening ladies go earn a living by becoming a fishmonger. During their wait for the husband to sea in front of the House as a group and there are some who opened a small business selling food (Warung). When the boat docked them directly market their catches are still fresh. The fisherman's wife madura very helpful family economic life but can endanger the lives of children since they also went to the beach and there are already selling the fish as well.
Selling fish on the street (Tanjung Village, Sampang, Madura Island)

Merchandise Started to Open in Late Afternoon

Deal or No Deal

The Threat of Coastal Abrasion

Wave Breaker for Protection

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