June 20, 2012

Indonesian Coffe (My Experience Perspective)

Indonesia is a country that has a wide diversity of the Islands, including different types of coffee. 7 types of coffee Indonesia is very famous in the world and a source of pride : Wamena Coffe, Lanang Coffe, Kintamani Coffe, Sumatra Coffe, Toraja Coffe, Java Coffe and Luwak Coffe. 

Arabica Coffe with Gethuk (traditional cake from Central Java)    

Coffee java is a arabica coffee unique because geography indonesia. This coffee having the body weight, sweet, soft and nice, a little scent the forest. Coffee java is part of a mixture of legendary mocha java” that is a mixture java and coffee and yemen.
Flores Coffe,..more bitter

Sumatra coffee consists of various types of coffee that comes in large part from the Mandailing, Lintong and Gayo...
Sumatra Coffe

Kopi Luwak is coffee types and is one of the most expensive types of coffee production is most strange. This is the result of coffee coffee bean edible animals: Badger (musang) and not undigested coffee beans. Civet digestive system absorbs the sap of coffee beans and fermentation takes place inside the belly of the makes the kopi Luwak taste the exotic, almost like syrup and very gentle with the scent of caramel and cocoa.
Not original Luwak Coffe only, Only just its package

Small bitter and that large sweet

The way people of Aceh presents coffe

While i ' m the Javanese, but trying to the manner of the Aceh people while drinking coffee..

Coffee coupled with the life that is full of warmth and openness...
me and my coffe
Bonus Picture:
STMJ (Susu-Telur-Madu-Jahe) is a health beverage composed of Milk, Eggs, raw chicken, honey and ginger. This drink is very tasty when drunk in a cool atmosphere. In addition to the warm, STMJ also gives stamina after doing a variety of activities that are exhausting.

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