July 16, 2012

The First Anthropology of Brawijaya Field School with My Nokia E51 Camera (part 1)

First Day, July 2, 2012  
D-day. The first day and the first for us College field, Department of Anthropology, Brawijaya  University was done for 2 weeks. On the first day,  we set out from the campus in a truck and some use motor we left town. The process of adaptation and orientation of the field is the first thing we do. From Malang to Ganjaran village. 
Prepararation before departure

The Streets Coolish and Natural 

Front of the Village Office (Ganjaran - Gondanglegi) 

Get organized along 

The bathroom mass 

After bath in the river

Hubbun Nabi Worshipers

Sacred and lasted with a solemn 

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