July 16, 2012

The First Anthropology of Brawijaya Field School with My Nokia E51 Camera (part 2)

Second Day. July 3, 2012

The Group started in breaks into two, I got the task to accompany the group to be moved and the evacuation was carried out during the day by getting into a car. laskar motor used for the evacuation of people who are left behind. Although briefly lost but we found a location in the village of Banjarejo. 
Coffe in the morning

Machine being -breaking paddy rice (Selep)

Everybody said: "Good Bye My Friend"

The evacuation of the vehicle open (Colt Bak)

Pose in narrow and dusty roads

Motorcycle groups
 Bonus Pict:
Mr. Kenari's Black Cat

Me and The hall house (after bath) 

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