July 17, 2012

The First Anthropology of Brawijaya Field School with My Nokia E51 Camera (part 3)

Third day, July 4, 2012

The third day the real process of adaptation is still in progress, obstacles we face is usually associated with lodging place that much research. The use of a motorcycle is very useful as a means of mobility for research. That day we did a negoisasi and asked permission to the village Office (Gondanglegi Wetan- Southern Malang) 

A coconut tree in the rice fields

Gondanglegi market street and economic activities

Crackers and ingredients for peanut sauce (rujak)

Motorcycle, Students and Crackers (Kerupuk)

Negoitation with Village Officials (Gondanglegi Wetan Office) 

an important empowering communities certainly we could have accepted

Rujak Party Preparation

Make Seasoning

All busy peeling fruits and vegetables
Rujak Party

Deki's sleep poses

Alex's sleep poses

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