July 18, 2012

The First Anthropology of Brawijaya Field School with My Nokia E51 Camera (part 6b)

Bantengan (Leang Leong) is one of the famous folk art in the region of Gondanglegi. Art combines three Chinese Dragon culture i.e. in giant and Java on a bull and other animals (Tiger and monkey)). Performing Arts presents the mystical atmosphere  that is strong and many who have possessed soul (trance).

boy and the bull's head
Sound system that runs

Composing the bull's body 

the process of pasting a familiar spirit

Early trance 

tame the spirits

Wriggles and stronger

army civilian

In addition to the body of the Dragon


tighten the strap a bull's head

collect the breath and energy
Sakera is the name of a character from warriors society madura. Sakera became a symbol of resistance and the figure of madurese.  Sakera's dance is combine the flexibility of movement and the ability to use weapons (clurit).
weapons in hand

collect members 

smoking before the show

the committee for carnival

Soldierly and authoritatively

old father and the head of security of the Carnival

young sakera's woman

Sakera's woman yellow group 

Old and gloating

Sakera's woman

mixing up 

leader of sakera's people


leader of dance and gymnastics

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