July 18, 2012

The First Anthropology of Brawijaya Field School with My Nokia E51 Camera (part 6d)

Make sure has been installed properly
Gondanglegi wetan village not only have one dance of Sakera group. There are several groups of different dance costumes but in one movement and the desire to preserve cultural heritage, ancestors.

trumpet departure
the identity of the bearer
pliable dance

moves with dance   

the guard

fan dance 

cheerful in every movement

boy flag bearer
the dance of Pagar Nusa
leader of dance

Pagar Nusa's musician

street dancer group
little dancer on the car
The color red and whiskers are the identity of a dashing figure and always upheld the mighty self-respect this is Sakera's people soul. 
big and fierce
Sakera's woman pink group

occupy line

waiting for departure sign
Sakera's musician on the truck

dancing with snap strong

together took up arms
Sakera Hissmara group

move, strikes and dancing to the finish line.

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