November 05, 2012

Indonesian Reggae: Rastamania (Part 3)

In Indonesia, it is almost always identified with reggae rasta. Whereas, reggae and rasta is in fact two different things. Reggae is the name of a musical genre, whereas the rasta rastafari stands for or is a choice way of life.
Skull with Dreadlock Head

..Woman Dreadlock...
The red signifies the blood of martyrs of Jamaican history...The black represents the color of the Africans whose descendants form 98 percent of all Jamaicans. The green is the green of Jamaican vegetation and of the hope of victory over oppression.
..Mass of Reggae..

..Everyone can dance...

..Fire and Spirit..
Rasta life thus actually teach someone clean, orderly, and having a purpose in life as well as the principles are clear. The real rasta refused to drink alcohol, eat meat, and even smoke a cigarette.
..Dance of Reggae and Ska..
Not all fans of reggae is the rasta, and vice versa, not all adherents of rasta reggae song favorite should. Identified with the Reggae rasta because of Bob Marley was an adherent of rasta.
Communal Reggae Dance. 

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