February 07, 2013

From Dr. Anton W. Niewenhuis Expedition (Introduction)

Die Expedition in Long Bagung (Mai 1899)
Quer Durch Borneo book written by a colonial era ethologist Dr. Anton W. Niewenhuis was noted there has been a scientific journey through borneo area length. Dr. Niewenhuis noted that the expedition carried out the start date of June 15, 1894 until 1900 was a scientific journey that is used to perform the recording of Dayak ethnic diversity from the aspect of physical characteristics, the diversity of Botany, forest, architecture in the longhouse, the tattoo comes to ecological aspects of the Central Kalimantan. Dr. Niewenhuis carrying 19 soldiers, 5 people, 6 people, 85 Iban Dayak Kayan people and 24 traditional boat (sampan)

Der Kiham Lobang Kubang.jpg
Aufwartsziehen der Bote im Kiham Tukar Anang

Mit Figuren verzierter Stein im Tjehan

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