August 25, 2013

Idul Fitri Celebration 2013 in My Village

Part of the annual celebration in my village is to visit the grave (ziarah kubur) on the afternoon before the ied mubarak ..
Kebontengah Graveyard

Ramadhan last sunset, the village streets turned into as the city. the morning and bring food to the mosque for pray. ..
Carrying nourishment to the mosque

new dress

a victorious day, day freedom smoking in the morning

opened after being prayed for

Ocean Planet 

stepping together
 Idul fitri is time to closer to the families and growing awareness of the regeneration in community.....
Me and my grandmother

my nephew, one a new generation has been born

Seven days after Idul Fitri, there are customary the feast of ketupat  (kupatan) as a symbol of human harmony with nature that have been produce life....


Ied Food colaboration, harmony with nature

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