October 16, 2013

Makam Raja-Raja Mataram Imogiri Yogyakarta

The nature and beautiful cereal offering a distinctive cultural java around the site is the initial impression when entering the tomb of the Kings of Java in the past. Makam Raja-Raja Mataram Imogiri  the tomb complex is located in the hills of Imogiri, Bantul Yogyakarta. There is a belief on the part of the Java community is that the hills and mountains of high status and human closeness with God. For the cemetery complex remains a sacred precinct with limited permission for visitors to meet the requirements if you want to make a pilgrimage.

...sacred gate...

...rocky road.. genealogy and memorials...

...storey to death..

..main gate..

...watering places who sanctifies...

...ornate gate on the side...
..abdi dalem, faithful maintain and preserve.

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