April 02, 2014

Macaca Fascicularis: Between Attraction and Privatization

March 31, 2014 I visited tourism based forest (ecotourism) in Karanganyar Central Java. Grojogan Sewu Waterfall be an attraction visitors want traveled as well as sports. Any attraction another of tourism area is existence apes. Apes as if welcome the visitors and not get quite upset the inflow in the area of human life.
Be the keeper of parking lot...
 ...There is a story about what is called possession and privatization....

..monkey with plastic bottle.

.."This is mine"...

Many tailless monkeys long (Macaca Fascicularis) coming and feeds on refuse their food that is not be their natural food. Diet changed make always relies with food waste are directly or indirectly given by visitors through the junk produced.

...colonies near waterfall..

...calm... dear son..

..see visitors..

...tree near colony..

...The stud in colonies...

The nature of long-tailed monkey, they became more aggressive and no longer fear on the presence of human or visitors tours. As if they wanted to play with man.

Problem that happens life apes in the woods have been was broken by human activities, tourism and the turnaround of eviction by massive capital maketh there ' s attraction behind privatization..
...dipikir karo petan...

Bonus Pict:
...near from waterfall..

...selfie with monkey.

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